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She Loves Natural is a natural living lifestyle blog. Born from my creative urges to make and nurture, combined with my journey into motherhood and family life.

As a mama to a curious toddler, I see his whole world in front of him, the possibility, the potential, the wonder. As a parent, a guide and protector, it’s important I provide the best environment possible to allow my family the warmth, creativity and possibility in this busy, digital and sometimes isolating world.

Wherever I can, I introduce natural elements into our home such as pure wool throws. I cut down on the number of chemicals we expose ourselves too by switching out lotions and potions for homemade balms and serums. And create safe, warm nooks from natural materials to snuggle in when modern life can get a little too much. It’s important to have time out.

I share projects I’m working on, how-to’s & guides on ingredients and products.

My name’s Pamela and I hope you will join my journey into living life more naturally in this modern world ♥